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WryRonin.com Copyright (c) 2019 by Wry Ronin Group. All Rights Reserved.


About The Wry Ronin

The Wry Ronin is an independent online magazine focused on culture, politics and the arts. We focus on in-depth reporting, analysis and commentary with an emphasis on global stories.


WR invites you to sit beside the fire and join us in service to the eternal flame of our cumulative story. Our vision is to use the toolsets of adversarial, investigative journalism along with creative nonfiction and forge a solution-based conversation on global issues. 

We aim to address culture, politics and the arts in alignment with fact-checked, ethical reporting and passionately created storytelling. As a publication, The Wry Ronin does not align with any political, economic or social ideology. WR aims to amplify the stories on culture and politics with no-strings-attached, and we believe being unshackled from corporate or state sponsorship allows us to do just that. However, we are not afraid to take a stance should it be necessary.

We also champion the arts! We’ve dedicated an entire category, The Dojo, where artists pit their works against the globe, against the self and against any foe willing to challenge the storyteller's truth. The Wry Ronin is a home for storytellers who dare to surpass profession and seek virtue; a bastion of those willing to uphold the custodianship of the human narrative.

Our Funding

WR functions as a for-profit publication. We believe only through that economic mindset can we provide our storytellers with appropriate wages and to pay off digital expenses like website maintenance. 

However, we are mostly funded by reader memberships, pledges and donations. If or when readership donations cannot meet the financial needs of The Wry Ronin, it is then funded by the publisher. 

We rely on the intrinsic need of our readers for engaging, truthful and interesting stories which in return, we hope creates the incentive to donate or pledge a monthly payment for our efforts. The Wry Ronin ultimately works for you. 

This also means we have no interest in state and/or corporate funding. We welcome advertisements but will always be diligent in our selection and would only accept grants or funding from conflict-free nonprofit organizations. 

Click here to donate and help us in telling more stories.

Our History & Mission

The Wry Ronin was founded February, 2019, in aspiration to resist industry standards and set out a new, more human one; an online publication on politics and culture with as little to no ideological gatekeeping as possible. WR aims to introduce a new way of thinking about literary journalism, a manner of storytelling which serves the story itself before serving its consumers. 

Our mission is comprised of two major elements:

One is to embody the spirit of the eternal hearth; the ancient yet timeless fireplace around which people gather from around the world to share and know the many stories of our existence. These tales, albeit focused on politics and culture mostly, aim to create a specific character for our publication and therefore our readers: a global character that is knowledgeable and interesting in all parts of the human narrative. 

And second, WR aims to resurrect the essence of storytelling and that is knowledge of a tale is greater than its telling.

The Wry Ronin hopes you will join us in our mission, come sit around the fire, we'll tell you a story or two.

*Views, beliefs and all political standpoints expressed in any and all WR publications by contributors do not represent those of the publisher, the Editor-in-Chief or the spirit of The Wry Ronin.