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WryRonin.com Copyright (c) 2019 by Wry Ronin Group. All Rights Reserved.


Submitting to the Wry Ronin

Pitches, tips and media inquiries should be sent to yousef@wryronin.com 

The Wry Ronin is a community for the inquisitive and adversarial. We look for journalists, writers and content creators who have both brains and brawn; the content you produce should serve the truth with a side of informed speculation and authoritative analysis. ALL backed by citations, ethically reporting, and additional media to compliment your piece. 

The Wry Ronin will not be interested in listicles, they are forbidden until further notice. WR is also not interested in gossip; tabloids; nonsensical, untruthful, or imperialistic op-eds; bland, boring writing; and anything that does not take a stance against falsehoods. We are looking for pen-wielding warriors unafraid to speak truth to power, whether it's a government or the writer's own soul. 

Submission Guidelines

All article submissions must be sent to yousef@wryronin.com 

  • INCLUDE: a short, 2-3 sentence bio.; if necessary, where you are writing from; and if possible, portfolio/clips/writing samples.


  • for creative writing and photography please use subject line DOJO| type of submission & title

  • RATES & PAYMENTS: rates vary on work. please allow 10 days maximum for payment completion. Unsolicited opinion articles are unpaid.

Articles submitted and all commissioned work are preferably supplemented with media. Pictures, voice recordings, videos...etc. which you have taken or otherwise AND all free from copyright infringement.

Style, Sources & Content Expectations

Culture and Politics pieces preferred in adherence to Associated Press Stylebook but we are flexible. Please spell-check and review your work before submission, the more the editing required, the less WR is interested in publishing. 

Reporting stories are preferred to have multiple human sources, 3+. Articles are thoroughly fact-checked, please link needed information to reliable sources. Any claim made in a piece must be supported with factual evidence. 

Linking outside information is fine but please be accurate and choose reliable information. 

We also welcome informed critiques, analyses and commentary. Creative nonfiction, fiction, photography and poetry are all hosted in our The Dojo category. 

  • FICTION: Short stories should be within a range of 2,000-5,000 words. We also welcome flash fiction. Please do not submit overly vulgar, violent or erotic fiction, we're not into that. 

  • NONFICTION: any form of creative nonfiction is welcome and should be within a range of 2,000 to 4,000 words. Interesting academic essays, epistolary nonfiction, lyric or personal essays, memoirs...we welcome all that is within the nature and character of The Wry Ronin. 

Poetry is welcome but please do not submit more than 3 poems at a time. Unsolicited fiction, nonfiction and poetry are unpaid. Unpublished writers are prioritized. 

*The Wry Ronin has the right to edit, alter, change, play, publish, refuse publication, delete after publication, share, and more, without notice nor explanation however it sees it. 

**Storytellers are welcome to suggest edits but will not partake in the editing process at all.